The Curtain

A while back I used Môsi to make a little game called Old World. Now I’ve got another one for you. This is The Curtain. You can play it on by clicking the play button below. Just like last time, use the arrow keys to control the character.

I originally tried to make this game in Unity but ended up getting really frustrated with coding everything myself. It was good to go back to an engine where most of that is done for me. Môsi has grown quite a lot since the last time I used it, so I did have a bit more leeway than last time.

I’m still very interested in making more video games in the future, although I think I’m coming to the limit of my coding abilities. I am just a writer after all and while I’m decent with the fundamentals of coding; I don’t find it enjoyable to constantly be spending hours trying to work out the best way to get every small action to work by coding. Perhaps I’ll look into some no-code engines in the future.