I Have Changed My Name by One Letter

A couple of weeks ago, I took a big step in my journey to being myself by legally changing my name. Although, really it’s closer to ‘adjusting’ my name. I’ve gone from Julian Ben Pichelski to Juliann Lillian Pichelski.

That means that my pen name has also changed from J. B. Pichelski to J. L. Pichelski. How simple! Except when it comes to changing my website domain. I’ve got jlpichelski.co.uk all locked down and attached to this website, so you can go there now and go explore this very website, but in the future I’m trying to set it up so that all jbpichelski.co.uk links automatically redirect to my new domain. I’ve been following guides to get that done so hopefully it’ll be set up in due time, but for now, I can celebrate that fact that I’m one step closer to truly being myself.

Picture of me holding my deed poll