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    Hello folx! This is a quick update to let you know what’s happening with this website. I’ve done a little work on the template and tweaked a few settings behind the scenes. Here’s how I’m going to communicate going forward:

  • I Have Changed My Name by One Letter

    A couple of weeks ago, I took a big step in my journey to being myself by legally changing my name. Although, really it’s closer to ‘adjusting’ my name. I’ve gone from Julian Ben Pichelski to Juliann Lillian Pichelski. That means that my pen name has also changed from J. B. Pichelski to J. L.…

  • A Brief Announcement Regarding My Gender

    I hate my assigned gender. I always have. I considered posting a video for this but in the end it seemed like emotional overkill considering I’m not a very well known person and I already made a video explaining this to the people I know personally. I’ve always hated being seen as male and have…