Tower Hill

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to share, the pandemic has changed a lot of things for me, one of them being a lot of London theatre technicians have left the city, leaving a lot more work for the technicians who were able to stay. So while this bittersweet to say, I have been very busy with technician and stage manager work which has left me less time for my own projects.

However, I have been quietly working on my own things, one of them is this little project. It’s a little walking simulator where you can explore and look from various giant towers, which litter the landscape. All of the towers are structures that I’ve made myself in Blender (a free 3D modelling program. It’s been a lot of fun to experiment with the different tools and see what kind of structures I can make from just trial and error and YouTube tutorials. I then made a little world consisting of rolling hills and and flat plains, using Godot. (a free game engine)

I was inspired a lot by other digital art such as Thousand Year Dawn (Marcel) by John Gerrard, a piece which I made a post about a few years ago, and still talk about it. It’s really fascinating that people can make massive, complex buildings, place them in a digital world and explore them; and in this case, stand on top of them and look across your own world. I decided to go with towers after making a cobblestone tower on a mountain in a friend’s Minecraft server.

A screenshot of a grey castle on top of a mountain in Minecraft.
The first stone tower I made

If I feel like making more towers, and I make a sizable amount of them, I’ll add them and update this game.