Blogs, Mastodon and News

Hello folx! This is a quick update to let you know what’s happening with this website. I’ve done a little work on the template and tweaked a few settings behind the scenes. Here’s how I’m going to communicate going forward:

Social Media

For a long time, I’ve been very resistant to having any public social media, at least not any that I update regularly. Transphobia and abuse is always a worry when posting trans related content online, even for a small time playwright, and Elon Musk was probably the last nail in the coffin.

However, I have decided to try out Mastodon for a little while and so far I quite like it. It feels good to be able to post little things publicly while keeping the audience small. If you want to follow me on Mastodon, you can use the link above. I’m on the instance at the moment, but you can join pretty much any part that you want. If you want a guide for joining Mastodon, check out this video.

My Twitter will still exist and I will probably still post to it occasionally, but at the moment I really don’t have much desire to post about my life there.

(Also, if you’re already familiar with Mastodon, might I suggest following this website? You can do so by searching on Mastodon or other federated services.)


Always the old fashioned type, I’ve started a newsletter! This will mainly be used to send information on new shows and projects so it’ll be pretty intermittent. It’s a great way to make sure you know when I have a show happening, if social media feels like not sharing my stuff on that day.

You can subscribe just like any other newsletter, the signup page is right here!

Check Back Soon

As I mentioned, I have a new project coming up which I’ll be announcing soon so I definitely recommend putting your email down in the newsletter and keeping an eye on this site. I’m really looking forward to sharing this, but there’s a few small things I need to set in place first.