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  • Scenic Reality Production Shots

    I’m really happy with how our 2019 Camden Fringe production of Scenic Reality has turned out. We’ve all been working so hard to bring this show to the stage and I’m really proud of our cast for putting so much work into realising their characters. This is definitely not the last we’ll be working on…

  • Scenic Reality – Thank You!

    It’s now been a couple of weeks since Scenic Reality was performed as a rehearsed reading at the Hope Theatre last month. I’ve had some time to digest all the feedback from everyone who came to see the reading and begin working on the next edit of the play. I’d like to thank Abbigayle Bircham,…

  • Scenic Reality – Behind the Scenes

    Yesterday the full cast, Samantha Wright and I got together for the first time to rehearse the rehearsed reading for Scenic Reality. I made a short behind the scenes video while the rehearsal was in progress. (Photographs below)